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Engaging Your Core: How And Why

Even if you’ve never watched an exercise program, read a fitness magazine, or stepped foot inside a gym, you’ve probably heard the expression “engage your core” at least once in your life. Most likely, your trainer or coach has instructed you to “brace your core,” “engage your abs,” or “stable your midline.”

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Signs You Are Emotionally Wounded

The most painful injuries are likely those that are emotional in nature, and being emotionally wounded can be very painful. Scars and physical pain may be treated, and with time, they may even go away, but what about mental wounds? Not really.

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The Importance of Being Grateful

Today is Thankful Thursday, which got me thinking about gratitude and how good it feels to be thankful and appreciative for even the smallest of things in life.

And it turns out that there’s a growing amount of evidence that being grateful has a variety of psychological benefits, including making you happy and reducing stress, despair, and anxiety.

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Managing Grief

Grief can feel consuming, but it does not last forever and by understanding the stages and types of grief, you can find healthier ways to

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