Slack Adds Audio Name Pronunciations To User Profiles

When working remotely, it can be challenging to get to know your coworkers, but Slack is introducing a few new features to its user profiles that should make communication a little easier.

A new pop-up user card UI that shows when you hover your mouse over someone’s name, the possibility to add name pronunciation guides (either by recording audio or adding phonetic spelling), and reorganized fields in user profiles are among the new features.

Photo credit: Slack

Slack profiles now include three new fields: Contact Information, People, and About Me.

People lists the teams a person works with and their position in the organizational hierarchy, whereas Contact Information displays the person’s email and phone information. Depending on what the user decides to publish, the About Me section can include information like start date, languages spoken, even pets and birthdays.

Other Slack updates include Atlas, a paid add-on available with the Business+ and Enterprise Grid plans. Administrators can now define custom fields that become searchable, filterable tags like “expertise,” “focus area,” and “languages” thanks to a new data type called “Smart Tags.”

Another upgrade, Flexible Text, enables profile fields to accept up to 5,000 rich text characters, such as emoji, links, line breaks, and bullet points.

Photo credit: Slack

“By helping people understand who their colleagues are as humans, our redesigned profiles make it easier for teammates to collaborate, feel connected and do their best work together,” Maxwell Hayman, director of product at Slack, said in a statement.



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